HackerOne is the global leader in human-powered security. We leverage human ingenuity to pinpoint the most critical security flaws across your attack surface to outmatch cybercriminals. HackerOne’s Attack Resistance Platform combines creative human intelligence with the latest artificial intelligence to help organizations reduce risk and transform their businesses with confidence.

  • Verified Consultants
  • Actionable Reports
  • Time-based Tests
  • Comprehensive Code Audits
  • Full Vulnerability disclouse

Harness the combined power of tha HackerOne community to ensure continous protection against cyber-threats.

HackerOne Solutions

Contact us at solutions@safent.tech to discuss how HackerOne could help you

Bug Bounty

Harnesses a global community of ethical hackers ensuring continuous detection of costly vulnerabilities without stifling innovation.Continuous testing to proactively protect against potential threats and reduce the risk of breach; access diverse security expertise without adding headcount


Root out the most elusive vulnerabilities with invite-only time-bound security testing to meet your specified outcomes.Find novel and elusive bugs for new product and feature releases or high-value assets based on a targeted security objective.


Receive, manage, and track incoming vulnerability disclosures with the industry’s most trusted and reputable ethical hackers. Create an official reporting channel for vulnerabilities to reduce risk of uncoordinated public disclosure and to meet certain government mandates.


Community-driven Pentest as a Service (PTaaS) delivering instant results and direct access to expert pentesters who are motivated to find elusive flaws.Meet compliance requirements without compromising quality; launch products faster; decrease time to remediation of vulnerabilities with in-platform reporting

Code Security Audit

Vetted engineers scour source code for security flaws, escalating risks that need attention and providing context-specific remediation guidance.Catch the complex vulnerabilities automation misses in the source code of your programs, prior to product launches, or within newly acquired assets

AI Red Teaming

The rapid adoption of AI introduces safety and security risks that require proactive strategies and robust guiding principles for responsible implementation. Thorough security testing is essential to mitigate vulnerabilities, promote transparency, and ensure ethical standards. HackerOne's AI red teaming helps businesses tackle these challenges by using ethical hackers for targeted offensive testing to identify and fix critical vulnerabilities, thereby strengthening AI systems against risks, biases, and exploits, ensuring secure and resilient AI applications.