Offsec Training Programs


We believe that a well-informed and cyber-aware workforce is a vital component
of a strong cybersecurity defense.Our comprehensive Cybersecurity Training Solutions are
tailored to equip your employees with the
knowledge and skills needed to identify and mitigate potential risks.


Introduction to Secure Software Development (SSD-100)

This learning path presents a pragmatic method for incorporating security into software design and implementation, crucial for safeguarding digital assets. Gain insight into:



OffSec Learning Path: Integrating Security into Software Development

Students will:



OffSec Learning Path: Practical Approach to Secure Development

Strengthen web applications and discover effective methods to protect software and systems. Participants will:



OffSec Learning Path: Intermediate Secure Development

Address complex attacks and enhance secure coding expertise. Delve into advanced strategies for mitigating exploits, hardening configurations, and analyzing vulnerabilities to provide deeper protection for web applications. This program builds on prior OffSec knowledge. Participants will:


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